Sustainable Design - Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling is a service where the entire building is modeled, along with the presumed use of the building – number of occupants, hours of operation, etc. The building energy usage is calculated for every hour of a year, based on historical temperature and humidity databases. With energy modeling, different HVAC systems can be evaluated to determine the best system type for the building. Additionally, we can determine the effect of various energy saving strategies, such as building orientation, insulation, triple pane windows, sun shades, and others. With this information, we can calculate the annual energy cost or savings as well as carbon reduction.

By performing an energy model for a geothermal project, this data can be used to calculate the geothermal loop field. The energy model is used to optimize the building construction from a cost and energy standpoint, and to balance the heating and cooling loads as much as possible. With this information, we can then optimize the geothermal loop field, resulting in the most cost effective design.