We are very excited about the possibilities that geothermal energy (also called geo-exchange) brings to the construction community.

Energy Modeling is a service where the entire building energy use is modeled, along with the presumed use of the building – number of occupants, hours of operation, etc.

We focus heavily on sustainable design, and utilizing a solar array to complement a geothermal HVAC system is a perfect match.

Building commissioning is a quality assurance process that ensures a new building or a major renovation project works properly and efficiently

Properly designed HVAC systems are critical in maintaining healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient environments in your buildings and facilities.

Our engineers’ experience and expertise to design systems that ensure comfort and functionality that adhere to all health codes and standards.

Our engineers design sophisticated fire protection systems, including wet and dry sprinkler systems as well as chemical suppression systems.

We can address all your electrical system design requirements, including power distribution, lighting, emergency, and mission-critical systems.